📌 Please choose 1 moment only to discuss the results:

The moments that you’ll see are the only ones still available for the coming period.

Please make your choice before the end of August:

At that time (so not before), we’ll finalise the consultations and send you a confirmation by text message (sms). In the mean time, once you made your choice, you agree to remain available at the chosen moment.

Planned duration: 150 min.

The planned duration of 150 min. is regularly exceeded! Please provide sufficient margin before any next activities (and/or for those taking care of your kids).

👶🏻 If this concerns a child (< 16a):

The discussion is for both parents and without the child ! For atypical families don’t hesitate to check with us if in doubt.

👦🏻👩🏻 If this concerns an adult (16a+):

We strongly recommend to come accompanied by another person you trust (partner, spouse, close friend, parent,…). Later on this will allow you to discuss with someone who heard the original explanations with all the necessary nuances. If you’d like to come with more than one person, check with us on beforehand if this is possible.