📌 Please choose 1 moment only to discuss the results:

The moments that you’ll see are the only ones still available for the coming period. If there’s only one moment left, it means that all other moments have been taken and calendar is fully booked for the period in question. Either you chose from the remaining moment(s) or you’ll wait to be invited for the next session.

Please don’t wait too long to make your choice:

Once everyone most of you have chosen a moment (not before), we’ll verify and finalise the consultations and send you a confirmation by text message (sms/email). In the mean time, once you made your choice, you agree to remain available at the chosen moment.

Planned duration: 150 min.

The planned duration of 150 min. is regularly exceeded! Please provide sufficient margin before any next activities (and/or for those taking care of your kids).

👶🏻 If this concerns a child (< 16a):

The discussion is ALWAYS for BOTH parents and without the child ! For atypical families don’t hesitate to check with us if in doubt.

👦🏻👩🏻 If this concerns an adult (16a+):

We strongly recommend to come accompanied by another person you trust (partner, spouse, close friend, parent,…). After the discussion, in the days to follow, this will allow you to discuss things with someone who heard the original explanations with all the necessary nuances. If you’d like to come with more than one person, check with us on beforehand to see if this is possible.

💰 Cancellations less then 48h before are invoiced in full

Preparing a discussion like this takes several hours within a 48h timeframe before the moment. This needs planning and considerable energy. This also means that if we receive a cancellation less then 48h before the day of the chosen moment, the moment will be invoiced in full.

If you cancel early, no worries, but it will not be possible to offer you another time before the next session (unless there is a cancellation).

Unfortunately, in the past, some people have abused the system and cancelled several times in a row. This wastes our time, but more importantly it wastes the time of other people who want to consult. We were therefore obliged to impose the following: If you have already cancelled a reserved moment in the past, the previous rules do not apply to you, as you only have 24 hours after reserving a moment to change your mind. After this time, any second (and subsequent) cancellation will be billed for the full duration of the planned moment.